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I’ve had a couple of people ask me for diagrams for Quentin Trollip’s pig.  I downloaded it ages ago as it was offered free my Mr. Trollip.  For some reason his website is down, so I thought I’d offer a page with my own link to the diagram.  If Mr. Trollip requests I take it down, I will do so post haste, but since it was once offered for free I thought he wouldn’t mind.  To find it, just go to my page labelled “Origami Diagrams”.  Maybe I will add more later if people like.  The best place to find the most free diagrams is certainly Origami University.


Rex Queems

John Montroll Giraffe

Christmas came bearing gifts of many different types of origami papers.  So cool!  A family member gave me some kami (cheap origami paper) that had animal prints on it.  I expected little from the paper, but it folded up very nicely.  I used it to make John Montroll’s giraffe.  If you go to earlier posts on my origami progress you’ll see that this model gave me fits.  The animal print paper is really durable and forgiving.  It made a pretty attractive piece.



See ya round!



Quentin Trollip Origami Pig

Quentin makes some amazing stuff.  I had some kami (origami paper) that was 3″ x 3″.  I thought it would be a neat challenge to see if I could make his pig out of the design.  Seemed to work out OK.  The results are below.  If you are looking for a diagram of how to fold this little piggy, just go to my diagrams page.

This little piggy is really little :)

Have a great day everybody!

Origami fox instructions

Hey all 16 of you who stumble upon this blog monthly.  Attached is a photo of my rendition of Roman Diaz’ Vixen design.  Also, follow this LINK to find a step-by-step instructional video on how to make it.  Grad school kicks my butt so I don’t update much, but I’ll try to change that and also try to begin incorporating my own designs.



fold it in orange and it'll actually look like a fox!

Rendered in glorious black and white!

A Good sketch

Every now and then I make a random sketch that impresses me.  Maybe it has just the right attitude or character or whatever, but for some reason I like it.  This is one such sketch and so I’m posting it… just ’cause I wanna’. 

Here it iswish they all went this well.

New Origami!

Won Park’s dollar bill origami koi!  Don’t judge the quality of the pattern from my meager attempts. Mr Park can demonstrate how to do it much more cleanly.  If you’re interested in folding it follow the following links.  I’m going to turn these into Christmas ornaments and give them away as gifts in an origami cube.  It’ll be cool!

How to folding directions This is pretty effective until you get to step 34, then I’d switch to the video

Origami koi correction video In this one Won himself shows how to finish the design with finesse.

My Results…

Later.. R. Q.