WV South Magazine Illustrations

Here are a series of Illustrations I did for a series of short stories published in WV south magazine.  They all were part of a running P. G. Wodehouse inspired rural serial called “The Fledge Chronicles”.


The final inks really pop out the bully up front.


First draft (actually submitted that way)
First draft (actually submitted that way)


Ben Gray...deer/dear slayer
Ben Gray…deer/dear slayer


Heck Agog!
Heck Agog!
Let's see if this works!
A challenging pose, but I liked the outcome!

Thanks to S.D. Smith, the author of “The Fledge Chronicles” for giving me the opportunity.  Incidentally, you should check out his site: Story Warren to see the many ways he’s fostering a community of art and imagination.








4 thoughts on “WV South Magazine Illustrations

    • “I’m also going to be using your illustrations to learn inking techniques, so thanks for that.”

      Great! maybe that way people will think I know what I’m doing!


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