An image for a friend’s web page

Was asked to create a scene using geometric images of trees and trails for a friend’s web page.  I liked the outcome so I’m posting it.

trails.js image



I think it’s some of my better work.




Make it I Will, Yeeesss!

Hello Casual Readers!

My local library asked me and my son to design a puppet for their Jedi Training academy.  We put this little guy together over the weekend.  He’s supposed to vaguely resemble Yoda.  It was made out of whatever we could find around the house: A milk jug, a berry container, some place mats, a soap dispenser, some felt, and tons of hot glue!  We had some really cool results!

YodaA local theater group has asked me to design a larger puppet head for their production of Alice in Wonderland.  I’ll post those results later!








Some Product Design

Recently I was asked to help design a medium sized men’s carrying bag for possible sale on the interwebs.  I’d never done it before, but decided to take a stab at it.  Below are a couple of the images I created.

I wanted to communicate how the bag would hang on the body.

Human Design model

I also wanted to create a photo realistic version of the design I had in mind.

bag design smooth

I don’t know if the bag will ever see production, but I enjoyed the exercise in creativity!



A work in progress

I thought for my first post after coming out of hiding should show the way a concept comes together for me.  This piece is still in process, so this post will only be able to bring us to where I am now.

I was contacted by Mr. S D Smith to make a new illustration for the newest edition of “The Fledge Chronicles”.  I read it, and as always, I laughed much.  I wanted to capture a scene in the story where a fight is just about to break out.  It happens in a diner.  For some reason, Edward Hopper’s painting “Nighthawks” Came to mind.  Below is the preliminary sketch alongside Edward Hopper’s famous original:

Yes, they really start out this bad!
Yes, they really start out this bad!
Here I moved the bully into the diner, but it just wasn't working.
Here I moved the bully into the diner, but it just wasn’t working.
Much happier with the redesign.
Much happier with the redesign.