An image for a friend’s web page

Was asked to create a scene using geometric images of trees and trails for a friend’s web page.  I liked the outcome so I’m posting it.

trails.js image



I think it’s some of my better work.




Pencil Portrait of a buddy

Just sketching around this week and decided to attempt a pencil portrait of a friend of mine.  This is just drawn on copy paper with a library pencil and a charcoal pencil I happened to have. I think I may start doing a series of pencil portraits of various acquaintances or famous folks and posting them here.  Who would you like for me to draw?


Joey Hilljoe hill








Looking at them side by side makes me wish I had some darker pencils with me at the time.  I could photoshop them to match better, but I rather prefer to let the organic original show here so I can know what to do better next time.



Post apocalyptic sketch

Just adding a new sketch to play further with texture and line.  I happened upon an image of a WWII German soldier burying an Allied pilot.

german soldier


I was fascinated by the somber nature of the photograph, as well as its inversion of typical War narratives.  I used this image as a reference for the following illustration:

Scan 4.jpeg


Mixing my line art with some watercolor textures created a pretty interesting picture.


Until next time,


Character Design

I have a friend who is in the process of writing a graphic novel.  He wanted me to create a look for a main character.  I haven’t really settled on anything, but below are my many iterations of the same character.  We’ll see what happens over time.

I start out with a really loose sketch
I start out with a really loose sketch


Try a little more realistic...and don't like it
Try a little more realistic…and don’t like it
Try a bit more cartoony.  Still don't know how I feel about it.
Try a bit more cartoony. Still don’t know how I feel about it.


Added a little color and some other iterations.
Added a little color and some other iterations.
I kind of like this approach to the character.
I kind of like this approach to the character.
Here's another random character from the book.
Here’s another random character from the book.


A graphic novel would be a whole lot of time investment, so here’s hoping something materializes someday.



Seminar illustrations

In order to avoid paying fees for images I (or others) use in seminars, I’ll often create my own.  Here are  a few examples:

Sometimes I need something bold, but photorealistic:  Einstein is an example


Other times, I just need a simple animal design

cat faceSometimes I’ll take a common image and create my own clip art such as the microscope below


Regardless, it’s best to think about the labor of the person who created the images.  If you are charging for a seminar, please be sure to pay the appropriate fees to the appropriate artists.  Otherwise, consider doing as I do and create your own.




WV South Magazine Illustrations

Here are a series of Illustrations I did for a series of short stories published in WV south magazine.  They all were part of a running P. G. Wodehouse inspired rural serial called “The Fledge Chronicles”.


The final inks really pop out the bully up front.


First draft (actually submitted that way)
First draft (actually submitted that way)


Ben Gray...deer/dear slayer
Ben Gray…deer/dear slayer


Heck Agog!
Heck Agog!
Let's see if this works!
A challenging pose, but I liked the outcome!

Thanks to S.D. Smith, the author of “The Fledge Chronicles” for giving me the opportunity.  Incidentally, you should check out his site: Story Warren to see the many ways he’s fostering a community of art and imagination.