Pencil Portrait of a buddy

Just sketching around this week and decided to attempt a pencil portrait of a friend of mine.  This is just drawn on copy paper with a library pencil and a charcoal pencil I happened to have. I think I may start doing a series of pencil portraits of various acquaintances or famous folks and posting them here.  Who would you like for me to draw?


Joey Hilljoe hill








Looking at them side by side makes me wish I had some darker pencils with me at the time.  I could photoshop them to match better, but I rather prefer to let the organic original show here so I can know what to do better next time.




I am man!

Malki! nearly always induces laughter when I read him.  He has clearly demonstrated the man/woman dynamic in his latest strip.  Check out  Wondermark.  Such funny stuff!


I nearly even broke a SWEAT.


Also I’m adding a new link to a webcomic called The Dreamland Chronicles. Give it a chance and you’ll like it.  It’s a fantasy adventure  webcomic that  found for the first time today.  

Joshua Duncan and I are plugging along on our webcomic and expect to have things up by mid summer.