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Ok, this one actually looks like what I intended it to.  I’ve joined a flickr group that does origami.  I’m having difficulty doing this stuff and I’m looking off folding instructions, and these folks design their own.  Joseph Wu is the only origami master in Canada, and his work has a simplicity and grace that amazes me.  It has mathematical precision.  My stuff does not.  Observe the moth I’ve folded below.  I’m darn proud of this thing, but the folds are messy and I didn’t even design it.

top and underside of an origami moth
top and underside of an origami moth

Joseph Wu created the origami pig you see below.  This is something he designed in a day or two.  Do you read what I’m writing?  He Designed it!  As I learn to design I’m going to start putting folding instructions or Crease patterns on here.  Hopefully, that will make the blog of greater use to those who stumble upon it.

Ground Pork (take 5) by Joseph Wu Origami.




Won Park’s dollar bill origami koi!  Don’t judge the quality of the pattern from my meager attempts. Mr Park can demonstrate how to do it much more cleanly.  If you’re interested in folding it follow the following links.  I’m going to turn these into Christmas ornaments and give them away as gifts in an origami cube.  It’ll be cool!

How to folding directions This is pretty effective until you get to step 34, then I’d switch to the video

Origami koi correction video In this one Won himself shows how to finish the design with finesse.

My Results…

Later.. R. Q.



I’m writing papers so I can’t post much right now.  In lieu of my work, I direct you to Sara over at Happy Folding who has set up a video how-to of Neil Elias’ “The Last Waltz”.  If you’re up to the challenge give it a try.  It’s a graceful three-dimensional piece that will impress.  If you’re not that advanced, she has some videos of much easier pieces.i.e. the kind I do.


Sara Adam's rendition of The Last Waltz
Sara Adam’s rendition of The Last Waltz




Hello Casual readers,

I’ve not illustrated for a while, but I’ll get to it soon.  For today I’m continuing on my origami animal expedition and showing the result and giving a link to the folding instructions.  Today’s animal is the panda bear.  The model I’m showing was created with no video instructions.  Also, it was a first try.  Hence, if you are a little new to origami you should be able to pull this one off.

P.S.  By summer big things should be coming in the illustration department.  I can’t tell you exactly what’s going on, but I will give a hint: VFO on the www.


A little jacked up, but it is my first try after all :)
A little jacked up, but it is my first try after all 🙂






Quentin makes some amazing stuff.  I had some kami (origami paper) that was 3″ x 3″.  I thought it would be a neat challenge to see if I could make his pig out of the design.  Seemed to work out OK.  The results are below.  If you are looking for a diagram of how to fold this little piggy, just go to my diagrams page.

This little piggy is really little 🙂

Have a great day everybody!


Christmas came bearing gifts of many different types of origami papers.  So cool!  A family member gave me some kami (cheap origami paper) that had animal prints on it.  I expected little from the paper, but it folded up very nicely.  I used it to make John Montroll’s giraffe.  If you go to earlier posts on my origami progress you’ll see that this model gave me fits.  The animal print paper is really durable and forgiving.  It made a pretty attractive piece.



See ya round!




This is the most challenging piece that I have successfully completed.  This is called the “Kawasaki Rose” after the person who designed it.  Anyway, this considered a complex piece, so that’s my excuse for some sloppy folds.


Kawasaki Rose
Kawasaki Rose














I made this dragon for my oldest son to fight “the hooded rider”.  May mean nothing to you, but I did my first successful closed sink fold with this one.  Way cooool. Kind of a lousy pic, sorry.   Just ask for instructions if you like!

Closed sink fold completed! Booyah!


For fun I also do a little origami for my boys to play with.  when I make something new I’ll put it up on here.  If you want directions on how to make a request in the comments.


A toy I threw together for Elias
A toy I threw together for Elias


This is actually called "Cavalier", but Luke wanted him to sound more mysterious, So we call him "the hooded rider"
This is actually called “Cavalier”, but my son wanted him to sound more mysterious, So we call him “the hooded rider”

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